Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jackson Day 17

Jackson NICU Day 17 (03.10.12)

We spent most of the day with Jackson at Children's today. Jackson was very sleepy today and spent most of the day sleeping on me. He was so passed out in the picture above we were cracking up. I just love the cuddles with him right now. I take none of it for granted. Every moment with him is every thing I dreamed of and knew that Mommyhood would be.

There was not a lot of change medically today. Jackson's Dextrose rate was moved down from 5 to 4 today and his blood sugars were still maintaining in the 70's. Which is the best they have been in a week. We're hoping that they can continue to decrease his Dextrose and he will have stable blood sugars.

I still bawled the whole way home tonight. I'm still having a hard time knowing that I have at least 6 more nights without my family being together but after a long talk with my wonderful husband I'm feeling much better (for the minute).

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