Friday, September 2, 2011


Lately, I've been feeling pretty lost as to what do I do now with this blog. Lots of questions have been floating around in my brain:

1. Does being pregnant make our journey any less hard?

2. Will writing about my pregnancy affend those still trying so hard to become pregnant?

3. Am I being forgotten about in this infertile world that supported me so strongly before?

4. Things changed so fast, one day we were an infertile couple, the next we are happily expecting but where does that leave us?

All of these things have been things I have battling with over the last few months. I think most of us who have been at this for years probably go through these similar thoughts after getting pregnant, right?

But my conclusion has to be that I hope that the community that supported us in our darkest hours can now support us through the happiest times too! Pregnancy has been everything I had hoped for, morning sickness and all. I will be posting more about what we have been up to the last few months shortly and maybe even a little maternity fashion (low budget style).


Jen J. said...

OMG, I just saw that you were pregnant!! Congraaaaats sweetie :) As for the blog - I followed you back in your D&R-only days, so I'll support regardless.

Crystal said...

I definitely want to hear all about your pregnancy! Reading stories like yours keeps me hopeful that my own situation will end with a positive outcome!

MaryMargaret said...

I stumbled upon your blog via another IF blog, and wanted to say congratulations! I hope that you still find all of the support and comfort that you experienced before you were pregnant. If there weren't success stories, it would be dark and depressing for all of us!

The Domestic Princess said...


Thank you so much for your comment. You are so sweet. This whole world of IF can be so cruel sometimes, I always found the success stories to be inspiring too. Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you posting more.