Monday, September 6, 2010

Spotlight on Infertility: Bringing IF out of the Dark

I hate that most women don't talk or have anyone to talk to about their struggles having a child. It's not a shameful thing, so why do we not talk about it?

I'm very lucky to have a wonderful husband, friends (online and in real life) and family that want to talk about it with me. I can't imagine not having that support system or being scared to talk about our struggles. I was very lucky to find a ton of girls online (blogs, chat boards, etc.) that love to talk everything "infertile." But what I noticed is I had to search them out. I think it would be fun to do a "Spotlight on Infertility" here at The Domestic Princess so that you can read about others just like you in one place. Are you interested yet? Maybe, kinda interested? Ok, keep reading...

If you are struggling with Infertility and would like to be featured on the "Spotlight on Infertility: Bringing IF out of the dark," please contact me. I will be featuring one Infertile/Sub fertile each week.

Who can be featured: Anyone who is willing to tell us their struggle with becoming a parent/having the second, third child. If you are struggling or have struggled in the past for more than 6 months to become pregnant, we would love to hear your story. Also, we would also love to see people who overcame infertility and have children now.

Please email me at:

I will provide each person with a questionnaire to fill out. Pictures of you, your significant other and or family are always welcomed but we understand that even small steps of just talking about it publicly can be hard. If you have a blog I will link back to it, if you want me to.

I'm really excited to hear every one's stories and see some great pictures.

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