Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TTC: We're back in the Game

We had a doctors appointment a few weeks ago with Chris's urologist and he is healing great. We were kinda bummed because his urologist doesn't want to do a follow up semen analysis for 6 months. This means that we won't get a follow up until December. Ugg!

But for the good news, I'm on chart day 5 and we're keeping our fingers crossed that my cycles stay on track. Ever since I took the Clomid a few months ago I've had completely normal cycles. I received some Clear Blue Easy Ovulation Predictor's from one of my online friends who got pregnant. I'm hoping her good luck rubs off on me.

So here's hoping for a baby bump:


Stacey said...

Good luck!!!

Brittany said...

Best wishes and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!!