Monday, January 18, 2010

Money Tip: Review your Bills

Have you thought about reviewing your bills for ways to save money?

We listed all payees that way pay every month, in a handwritten list and tried to find ways to cut back. Here is a list that was similar to ours:

1. Time Warner (Cable)
2. Mortgage
3. Gas
4. Electric
5. Credit Cards (though we don't keep money on these)
6. HOA Fees (Homeowners Association Fees)
7. YMCA (Gym)

Then evaluated whether we could get our monthly payments lowered. Here's how the evaulation went down:

1. Called Time Warner and asked if there was a better bundle we could get on. Save $10/month

2. You would think with a mortgage that there is no negotiating but in our case there was. We paid taxes on an appraisal from 3 years ago. When we had our house reappraised last year, in came in $50K less (due to the amount of damage the previous owner did). We are petitioning the courts to have our taxes lowered. Possibly saving us $100/month.

3. We are trying to keep the thermestat no higher than 70 degrees to save money on the gas bill. We did buy a new programable thermostat, so that when we're not home the temperature is adjusted to 65 degrees. I read in a magazine that 5 degrees can save you $20 a month. Hoping to Save $20/month

4. We are trying really hard at keeping the lights off if we are not in that room, we have energy efficent light bulbs, the computers stay off during the day. Hopefully we will see some return on this. Hoping to save $10/month

5. Since we don't use our credit cards regularly, there was nothing we could do there. But if you do use your, call and ask for a rate decrease. We done this many times and most of the time they will lower it for you. $0/month

6. Our new house has a HOA that takes care of our grass outside the fence, mulches and trims the bushes. (Yes, it's wonderful) So there is no negotiating that fee. $0/month

7. Though we have been really bad about going to the Y, the last few weeks, we have decided that keeping the membership is in our best intesest. $0/month

This give our grand total = $130/month plus the $100/month we are saving from not eating out once a week gives us a total savings of $230. Take that and times it by 12, that is $2760 saved this year.

Has this sparked any idea of how you can start saving money? I'd love to hear them


Southern Wife said...

I purchased a programmable thermostat a few months before the winter hit and within 2 months I saw a decrease of $50 in our electric bill. You will be amazed at how much you will save.

Anonymous said...

Another thing to think of energy wise is to unplug electronics, appliances, etc. that you aren't using because even when they are turned off they use electricity. I always unplug my hairdryer,etc. when done.

The Domestic Princess said...

That's a great idea. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...
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