Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Day: Cleaning Plan

Today starts the countdown to Christmas Day. This is our first year hosting Christmas and Chris and I are so nervous. Me, being the planner I am, I wrote out a plan for cleaning, cooking and shopping.

This week I will be posting about all of preparation we are doing. Starting on Monday December 14 we will be starting the cleaning. I like to clean by room rather than by project. Dusting, floors, etc is included in each of these. Here is our list:

Monday December 14
Clean all 3 Bathrooms

Tuesday December 15
Clean Master Bedroom

Wednesday December 16
Clean Guest Bedroom

Thursday December 17
Clean Second Guest Bedroom

Friday December 18
Steam Clean Carpet in Dog's Room

Saturday December 19
Organize Closet in Guest Bedrooms

Monday December 21
Wash Window Sills and Windows

Tuesday December 22
Clean Hardwood Floors

Wednesday December 23
Clean all Three Bathrooms

Thursday December 24
Reserved for Last Minute Cleaning

What do you think? Did I miss anything?


Kate said...

You really are a domestic princess to have that so well planned out! My "plan" is usually to wait until the last minute and then go into a frantic panicked cleaning frenzy 2 hours before people arrive!

The Domestic Princess said...

Lol.....Oh, I'm already a ball of stress, thinking about all this.

prashant said...
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