Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can I be in your music video?

I had an epiphany on the treadmill today....."I have checked out every women in the gym to see whether she is hotter/skinner than me". Don't lie, you do it too!

"Look at her, why would she wear those pants with those rolls" or "Wow, I wish I had her body"

We all do it, but why? Why do we size each other up against other women?

I think it all goes back to our primal need to be the most attractive to get the attention of an attractive male.

I know pretty deep thoughts while on the treadmill but set that with some Kanye as background music and I think I was staring in a music video.


Christine said...

I know I do the same thing then I feel bad because I'm sure people are doing it to me too!! haha oh well I probably won't stop even if I should

J said...

Whatever gets you through your workout. ; )

Lisa said...

Guilty! I do it too!