Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Organization Project: Kitchen

Since everything I do revolves around my Baby Fever, I talked Christopher into cleaning out some of our clutter spaces. This is purely to keep my mind off Babies but also productive. It's a win, win! Luckily, Christopher was on board because he was a lot of help.

Some of what you're about to see may be disturbing, so if clutter gives you a heartattack, just fast forward to the after pictures.

I figured going room by room would be alot easier so today we are going to start in the kitchen:

Pantry Before:
Pantry After:

Pantry Details: I bought these large storage bins at Walmart for $7.99 each to put our boxed food and pasta sides.

On the second shelfe, we placed all our canned goods by category (soup, tomato sauce, tuna, etc)

Under the sink before:

Under the sink after:

Under the sink details: I bought these medium bins at Walmart for $4.99 each. We got rid of the stuff we weren't using anymore. All liquid cleaners are in the left hand bin and anything else went in the right hand bin.

Trash Cabinet Before:

Trash Cabinet After:

Trash Cabinet Details: First I have to say, I had to beg for this cabinet when we were finishing the kitchen and it's still my favorite. I love how it keeps the trash can out of eyesight. Ok, on to the organization details, we just got rid of some stuff and organized.

Tupperware Drawer Before:

Tupperware Drawer After:

Tupperware Drawer Details: This drawer was really easy. I just locked the lids together and grouped the tupperware.

Extra Cabinet Before:

Extra Cabinet After:

Extra Cabinet Details: Another easy organization space but I found a great place to keep my candles for easy access when guests come over. Yes, I love candles! May a recommend my favorite right now? Fabreeze Pumpkin Spice.

Show me your organization project by linking them below. Come on, let's see them.

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