Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Commodes in the Yard?

Have you checked out the view my my bonus room? Well all the neighbors except one have. Can you guess which one it is?

Let me tell you a little story about this neighbor. The first time I met him was two weeks before we moved in. I had stopped at the house to drop off some more painting supplies on my way to work. I went to back up out of the drive way and this very large man appears in my rear view mirror. I stopped the car abruptly because he scared me. He starts waving his hands around, to stop the car. Like I could miss him? I rolled down the window realizing he must be our future neighbor. This was the conversation:

"Hi, my name is Chris...." Not letting me finish my name he starts "Garbage Day is Thursday and we are blue. Call XXX-XXXX to get our days because after Memorial Day our day will change, so you will need to call XXX-XXX" Before I could even say anything, he disappeared. I think, so he's a little eccentric, all good, right?

That was until I got a good view from my bonus room:

He seems to have a problem with the toilets in his house? I wonder what the problem is? Why can't the toilets in his house stay in his house? Why must they end up in the backyard?

All good questions, right? Do you ever think I'll get the answers?

Do you have a neighbor who doesn't seem to care about their yard? Tell me about it

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