Saturday, February 12, 2011

Savings Saturday

This week I did another stock up! I ordered 20/$2.00 off Dove Deoderant coupons from ebay but this time the seller surprised me and sent 40 extra Dove Shampoo and Bodywash coupons with the order. So my total per coupon came out to be $0.13.

Dove Deodorant - $0.26 ea.  
Deal - Kroger has Dove Deoderant on sale for $2.00 (through 02/12). I got 20 sticks of deodorant and only paid tax, which came out to be $2.60 ($0.13 ea.). I also added in the final price of $0.13 per stick for the coupons I ordered on ebay.

Febreze Home Collection & Old Spice Deodorant - $2.39, shippedP&G has an eStore now, if you sign up for their email list you get a free Febreze Refill. Then take that code and click on the Old Spice deodorant, it will give you $0.25 off because it's your first order. Check out with your code and $5.00 will be taken off for shipping. This leaves your total at $2.39 or $1.19 ea.

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