Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Savings

The Purex saga was finally lived out last weekend. I found out that Kroger was having a sale on Purex if you buy 10 they were $2.49 each. They didn't have the Purex w/ Zout, so they took my coupons for regular Purex.

I do have a story though, so the Kroger store I went to was really nice and did take my coupons for regular Purex instead of the Purex w/ Zout which is what the coupon was for. I ordered 20 $3.00 coupons on ebay, like I talked about last week. When they got down to the last two coupons they told me they couldn't take them because it would make the product free and I HAD to pay tax. So the store manager handed me back two coupons. Which I thought was kinda funny because if she actually did the math, she was giving me the tax free on most of the bottles of detergent. So I ended up adding two
more bottles to my order.

Purex - $0.40 ea. (x 22)
Technically, these were free but I included in my final price the price I paid for the coupons on ebay ($8.98). Regular price was $3.98 ea.

Old Spice Deodorant and Bodywash - $0.88
Old Spice Deodorant was on sale for $1.88. I used the BOGO Old Spice and $1.00 off Old Spice coupon (2/27/11 ads). Regular price for the deodorant was $2.64 and the body wash (which was free) was $3.99.

Pantene Hairspray - $2.49
On sale for $3.49 and I used $1 off Pantene Product (2/27/11 ads). Regular price was $4.23.

With Coupons: $12.35

Without Coupons: $98.42

Percent Saved: 87.5%

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