Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Fever?

Anyone want to talk Baby Fever with me? I think this house has started controlling my uterus! It seems that since the minute we moved into this house, the baby fever started in on my brain. Here's a good example:

This weekend my husband, Chris and I, went to some garage sales on the other side of town. Well, my baby brain knew that if we went to these garage sales we would be able to stop by the mall, which happens to have a POTTERY BARN KIDS. But did I tell my husband that? No way! So we went to the garage sales, finding nothing too interesting. Ofcourse, as soon as we jumped on the highway heading home, I said: "Hey you wanna stop by the mall?". Chris is always down for shopping, so he said Yes. After two trips up and down the mall, window shopping, I asked to go to Pottery Barn Kids. His answer: "I'll wait outside." He's obviously not ready for that part of our life. But as soon as I saw they had Star Wars Bedding I came out and told him he had to come in to see it. These words were actually muttered out of Chris' mouth "Maybe this would be fun" as he's playing with all the toys and sitting on the little kids bed.
Has the baby fever hit Christopher too?

Anyone else have baby fever?