Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pergo Floor Cleaner

I have always wondered how good the actually manufacturer product really would clean our cherry pergo floors. We have had issues with the flooring because the old owners did not properly clean them (unnatural products i.e. Orange Glo). This left a nice film all over the beautiful floors. I was wondering through Home Depot today (yes, this happens every weekend) and ran into Pergo Floor Cleaner. Now, I have looked everywhere for this and could only find it on the internet. So I decided to pick up a bottle BUT then I saw the glowing yellow sign saying $1.41 reg $5.95. This couldn't be happening. REALLY? So I decided to pick up 7 bottles. Yes, 7! I cleaned them out of the rest of the bottles they had. In total is cost me $9.87.

I'm very excited about how clean my floors are. Check them out:

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