Thursday, June 4, 2009

Garage Cleanout '09

We moved into our wonderful new house on Saturday May 2. We have a lot of stuff that we're not sure what to do with, so the garage has been the place to store it.

Well it's time to get organized! I found a really good deal on a Workforce garage organizer at Home Depot. Regualar price $137, on sale for $63.

Stay Tuned for more pictures of my garage organization project!
Still working....! We need to Craigslist the TV and Desk in the corner but it looks alot better. I had a plastic bag holder that we hung up on the wall. Also, we're going to get more hangers for the weed eater and the blower on the right hand side. I'm loving the cabinet. It makes the garage looked so organized already!

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Tammy said... fair. I can't look. haha You're way too organized! I mean, I should thank you for the inspiration...I better get busy!

Enjoy the weekend!