Monday, June 30, 2014

{Week 2 Marathon Training}

|June 15-June 21|
Marathon Training Week 2 called for 19 miles and I did just slightly over at 19.64.

Sunday: Rest
Monday: 3.62 Miles
Tuesday: 3.01 Miles
Wednesday: 5.03 Miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3.75 Miles
Saturday: 4.23 Miles
Still feeling really good this week. Really excited to start upping my miles and I can tell my runs are getting stronger. I have decided to stop watching my pace and just log the miles. For a few weeks I was getting really caught up in what pace I was running. MIT stresses a lot for 1st timers just to log the miles. Don't worry about your pace for the first one. I'm trying really hard to follow that advice. This week our Saturday run was a "fall back" so we did 4.23. We will do a "fall back" week every 3rd week to allow for active recovery of our muscles. I'm learning so much through this group and just loving it!

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