Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jackson Day 10

Jackson NICU Day 10 (03.03.12)

Today was a good day just spending time with Jackson. Chris and I got to Children's Hospital around 10 am. As soon as we got there Jackson was ready for a bottle so I feed and changed him. Right now just doing those simple things for him makes me so happy.

Around noon the Nurse Practitioner (NP) came to talk to us. Unfortunately, we she completely rubbed us the wrong way because the first thing out of her mouth was "don't expect to go home any time soon." It was really not what we wanted to hear today. Not much as really changed in his plan for care since yesterday. They are monitoring him on the new heart medicine, Propranolol. He is doing really good on that and has not had any more episodes of SVT. One of the side effects of Propranolol is low blood sugar and that's exactly what it did to Jackson. The treatment for that is more calories. So we are now on Similac Sensitive with added calories. This seemed to help since his sugars were in the 70's all day. Jackson's platelets have been holding steady today at 75,000. The NP wants a Hemotologist and Geneticist to see Jackson on Monday.

Chris and I are hoping that all of his numbers stay steady through the weekend and we can get our boy home sooner rather than later. It's still really hard leaving him and I cry every time. We miss him so much in the evenings.


Anonymous said...

I'm way behind in my blog reading, so first: congratulations on the birth of your son! Jackson is ADORABLE, and I am in love with that name. :) I'm so sorry that you are dealing with some health issues and that he is still in the hospital. I'll be praying and sending positive thoughts that he heals quickly and gets to come home very soon.

As for that nurse? Well, I'll keep this comment a positive one. :)


Polly said...

LOVE the pictures on this post! <3