Monday, June 6, 2011

Infertility Tax Credit?

There is a great article in the Washington Post about the tax credit that is going to Congress. It's called the Family Act of 2011. This credit would create a tax credit for couples needing fertility preservation or undergoing In Vitro Fertilization.

Currently, the Resolve association is heading up the push behind this tax credit. They have created a facebook page so you can follow updates and raise awareness for the cause.

What are your thoughts on the bill? Is this something you would take advantage of?


Michelle said...

People get credits for kids and adoption I would most certainly not feel one bit bad about taking advantage of this credit should it apply to me. I'm sure it will get a lot of backlash from a lot of fertiles (and infertiles alike), so I'm not looking forward to hearing some of the ugly things that come out of that.

The Domestic Princess said...

I agree Annoyed Army Wife! I think it's great and would love to take advantage of the tax credit.