Sunday, June 12, 2011

{We're going green...}

or at least our plants our!

Our local township sent out fliers saying they were having a Cost-Sharing program for rain barrels this year. Our cost would be $54 for a $115 barrel, so we quickly signed up.

The rain barrel we got is the Earthminded Rainstation, it holds 60 gallons of water and was really easy to install. The great thing about this rain barrel is it has a diverter that hooks up to the drain spout. So once the rain barrel is full, the water will continue past the diverter and go back down the drain. No hooking up another tube, etc. Our county really put a lot of research into getting the easiest rain barrel, which we appreciate.

Also our county offered a class to teach you how to install the rain barrel and to educate you on why using rain barrels is also good for your neighborhood.

Did you know that if everyone in your neighborhood had a rain barrel we could stop storm drains from over flowing? Pretty interesting, huh! But for us money had to be the number one motivator. We are going to plant a garden this year and watering it with free water will save us a lot of money. Plus rain water is supposed to be so much better for your plants anyways.

Do you have a rain barrel? If so how do you like using it? If not, would you consider getting one?

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