Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Myth: It’s easier and cheaper to adopt than to use fertility treatments

Infertility Myth: It’s easier and cheaper to adopt than to use fertility treatments. Couples who seek out fertility treatments instead of adopting are just being selfish.

Fertility Facts: Adoption isn’t as easy as they portray in the movies. Unlike Annie, you can’t just walk into an orphanage and pick a child to take home the same day.

While adoption is a beautiful process it is often way more expensive than fertility treatments. Adoption can range from $5,000 to $30,000 depending on what kind of Adoption is pursued. Also, this process can take several months to several years before a couple is placed with a child. In addition to the money, adoptive parents go through a range of emotions. Most couples must grieve the loss of their own biological child before they can move on to Adoption. 

As for being selfish, the desire to have children is biological and deeply rooted. To call wanting a child of your own selfish is the same as calling the desire to have a home selfish. 


Heather said...

so true and it can be way complicated too...

Crystal said...

Very true, I looked into adoption as soon as we found out we'll have to do ivf and wow, it's unbelievably expensive, I don't know how anyone affords it!