Tuesday, July 20, 2010

$1200 Worth of Hardwood Floors

Have you heard of a blog called Dear Crissy? If you haven't you need to check her out. She is on my daily read list. Her and her little man are so adorable.

Don't you think? Anyways, what I wanted to tell you about is the fabulous contest she has going on, on her site right now. Crissy has teamed up with Floor Mall for a contest to win $1200 is hardwood floors.

I entered FloorMall’s Step Into Summer Flooring Sweepstakes and hope to win $1,200 in beautiful hardwood flooring and I've already decided what I would do with the 500 square feet they are giving away. I would remove the carpet from the dogs room and put in hardwood floors.

Or maybe I would put hardwood floors in the 'future baby' room. You guys don't get to see that room until I'm pregnant. Keeps it fun!

So now that you know, go enter at Dear Crissy

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