Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My new best friend.....cPad

In Christmas past, Christopher and I have not gone crazy because every year we thought "We could have a baby this year" but this Christmas we loosened the budget *a lot*. I think I was a good girl this year because I ended up getting an iPad. I know, can you believe it? I couldn't. This was then nicknamed the cPad (Christy's iPad) over the last few days. He, he!

Since I received this wonderful gift, I've taken it everywhere with me but everywhere I go I get a ton of questions. So I thought it might be fun to post my "review/experience" with the iPad so far. 

What I got?: 64 GB iPad

Price: $699

I did a lot of research on the iPad and I knew I would want three accessories to go with it:

Apple iPad Case: This is a must have. What I like about this case is it gives you three positions to hold the Pad in. I have zero complaints about this case and don't know how anyone would have the iPad without it.  
Apple iPad Case (CASE-ZML MC361ZM/A)                                       

iPad Photo Connection Kit: This was on my absolutely have to have list. This comes with two connectors: one for a USB and one for an SD card. I have already used both of these a ton of times.

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (MC531ZM/A) 

Apple Composite AV Cable: This were more of a *want* than a *need* for the iPad. I like that with these we can stream Netflix on the big screen TV.These are on back order, so I'm still waiting to use these. I can't wait though.

Apple Composite AV Cable

The most asked question I've received is "Don't you have a keyboard" my answer "I don't need one." The keyboard on the iPad is more than sufficient for the typing I do. Most of the time, I'm sitting on the couch surfing or blogging. With the case referenced above, it props the pad up just enough so typing isn't uncomfortable.

Once you get done Ubergeeking out over the coolness of the iPad, I do have to tell you I have reached some limitations already:

1. Javascript prevents me from chatting on one of the chat boards I like to visit. But that is easy enough, I just turn it off when I go there.

2. Accessing my blog and blog roll through Safari is not an option. But as any true Apple Geek will tell you, THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT. And there is! I'm looking for a browser, like Firefox, that will let me access these through the internet but haven't found one yet. In the mean time, the apps work perfectly.

3. This one relates to #2 also but I've run into a couple websites that won't let me check out.

Overall: I'm in love with my iPad (cPad) and am so happy to have my new toy computer. 

What are your thoughts on the cPad? Do you think it's cool? Do you think it's overpriced?

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