Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Years Outfit, Help me decide!

Every year, Christopher and I with our Best Friends Amy & Bill go to New Years at the Shrine Temple. It's a suit and tie affair, so we always get dressed up.

I've ordered this simple black dress from Walmart for an amazing price of $16. Do you like either of these options I've put together?

Option #1: Sweet & Sophisticated

Option #2: Wild and Crazy
New Years Outfit 2
New Years Outfit 2 by domesticprncs featuring Majorica jewelry


MB said...

I like the first one...this fall I've been loving dark colors with a punch of bright color!

Unknown said...

I love those zebra striped shoes! So I've gotta go the #2.

Karen At Home Blog said...

I can't get over that dress is from Wal-Mart. I vote for option #1. BTW, the Kellogg bars on your previous post look so delicious! I am adding them to my grocery list this week, the baby thanks you!


The Domestic Princess said...

I think I'm liking option #1 too. Although, beware, the size chart on Walmart website is completely off. So, I have to return the dress for a smaller size.