Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day Cake

Thanks to the Tipsy Hostess I was able to make a great cake for 4th of July. I'm sure this will be the hit of the cookout.Here's what I did.

I took 1 box of chocolate cake mix and baked it for 36 mins at 350 in a double 8 inch cake pan. Let the cake cool for 15 mins. Then iced the cake. I took 4 packages of Twix and divided them into two's. Then took the twos and started placing them around the cake.

Once I finished placing the twix I wrapped the cake in ribbon. The twix will stick the the icing but as the Tipsy Hostess recommended, it does give the cake a nice look. Once this is secure you can start pourin the MnM's. I did get a large bag of MnM's.

Put in the fridge until ready to serve!


Tammy said...

ooohhhh - heavenly!

mrs.messi said...

That looks amazing! I need to make that for something asap!